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Hi Gorgeous! Thank you for your interest in Ia's Threads.

Ia’s Threads is a New York based brand that launched handbag collection in 2017. These exotic, eco-friendly handwoven bags highlight natural plant fibers, mother of pearl shells and exotic leathers. Our mission is not only to provide rare style and everyday elegance that will make women feel empowered and confident with how they look but also to highlight environmental awareness and sustainability. Each handmade piece is designed and handcrafted to a standard of perfection to sprinkle hints of the exotic and bring out a woman’s inner beauty with infusions of love, fun, and adventure.

Ia’s Threads handbags are intricately handwoven from the Buri plant produced from exotic provinces in the Philippines and create variety of jobs and income to many communities and families of weavers. Each piece conveys a celebration of life, cultures and traditions. Our Founder & Designer, Ia Faraoni have put detailed designs to ensure the uniqueness of each bag. None of our items are completely identical which add to the authenticity and character of each bag. One bag takes days to hand weave and use thousands of fibers for tight weaving to ensure that they will look and feel as beautiful in 10 years time as it does on the day you take it home. Ia’s Threads also carries handmade jewelry that consist of exotic materials such as shells, coconut wood, silk, coconut shells and seed beads.

In our mission to lead a revolutionary change for people and planet through ethical and sustainable fashion, Ia's Threads debuted the "Dalaga Dress Collection" in New York fashion Week September 2018. These Zero-Waste fashion Dresses are made from post consumer textiles. Each look in the collection has been constructed from waste trimmings, waste fabrics, and unwanted hats and clothing from local businesses. Ia's Threads "Hold Me Now" Clutches and Minaudière was also featured in New York fashion Week September 2018. Ia's Threads "Exotica Collection" together with the "Hold Me Now" Collection was also featured in Paris Fashion Week Fashion Show by CMG October 2018 in Paris, France.

Let us be your preferred store for women's fashion. Take pride in owning our stylish and exotic products. Thank you again for visiting our store. We hope you will find this place a warm, fun, and exciting place to do your shopping. Enjoy your stay and please refer your friends and family to shop at


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